There is no past for Ricky’s Retreat as it is a new vision.

The vision began after my 22 year old son who suffered from many life struggles committed suicide. The stigma that mental health struggles should be hidden and are “bad” must be removed.

The problem that Ricky’s Retreat addresses is the well being of young adults and teens. Currently there is no place for our young people to retreat to when in a time of crisis. By providing a safe haven, we expect to provide a community of healing through volunteers who are like-minded individuals. Just as we look for a “Starbucks” when we want coffee, we should have an option of a “Ricky’s Retreat” to find peace and hope during a difficult time.

The present vision and future hope is that Ricky’s Retreat will be a house, preferably on the waterfront, that will serve as a safe haven to struggling young adults as well as teens. These struggling young people will be provided with a fun, loving, and safe environment where they are surrounded by like-minded individuals of all ages. This environment will promote awareness and healing for all involved. Youth will be provided mentorship as well as life coaching.

Opportunities to explore further growth may be visited through local resources and avenues for additional mental support, if and when needed.

Some activities provided at the house may be fishing, corn hole, lounging in a quiet area on hammock, yoga, indoor games and, I expect, much more.

Ricky’s Retreat will be funded by community, fundraising, donations, and grant applications. This is a charitable cause not expecting profit. The facility does not cost to whom it serves and is always available.